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I love this idea! How much does it cost?

We do not charge to pick up flowers. We would appreciate a financial donation to help us keep spreading the love! You can make a tax-deductible donation through PayPal or Venmo (@scentwithlovepittsburgh) or send us a check (please email for the address)

How do I donate my centerpieces?

Someone (member of the wedding party, florist, guest, etc) emails SWL to let us know they would like to donate their centerpieces after their event. Please specify the date and venue in your email. We email a form to get more information about the event and centerpieces so we can ensure a smooth pickup and delivery.

When should I reach out to donate centerpieces?

1-3 months in advance is best! This allows our volunteers time to look at the opportunities we have available and decide what makes sense for them. If you reach out the week of or even day before, we will try our best to accommodate your request, but there is never a guarantee that we can pick up the centerpieces.

How far will a SWL volunteer travel to pick up centerpieces?

Scent with Love volunteers are concentrated in the Pittsburgh area. Please view this map to see venues we have picked up from. Usually, pick up locations are within a 20 mile radius (30 minute drive) of Pittsburgh.

Is there anything I need to do after filling out the donation request form?

Please inform your florist, wedding planner if you have one, and your venue contact that you intend to donate your centerpieces. That way, everyone is in the know about what is happening with the centerpieces and they will not be mistakenly discarded. Scent with Love has worked with many venues before, and the venue staff should be familiar with how SWL works . If your plans change, please contact SWL to inform us of these changes so we may relay that information to the volunteer. 

I filled out the form! When will I hear from Scent with Love about getting the centerpieces?

Scent with Love will reach out once a volunteer signs up for the pickup. This may be months, weeks, or days before the event. The sooner SWL hears about a donation opportunity, the more time volunteers have to sign up. Ideally, volunteers will sign up at least a week in advance. Because we are a volunteer organization and not a paid service, we cannot guarantee that a volunteer will be available. We understand that coordinating a wedding is a lot of work, and Scent with Love strives to be an easy element you can add to your day.


How do the centerpieces get from the event to the next place?

Our wonderful volunteers use their vehicle to get to the location and deliver the centerpieces as soon as possible. SWL does not have a truck or van to transport the centerpieces, so we take as much as we can nicely fit into whatever vehicle we have.


What condition do the centerpieces need to be in?

We prefer if arrangements are in shallow plastic dishes or donated vases so we can transport them easily and the organization that receives them can easily distribute them. We can occasionally take arrangements that are in floral foam and we will supply the dishes. We can occasionally take loose flowers (flowers or buds) if we have vases on hand, but this is not a guarantee. Garlands and swags will not be taken as they are difficult to repurpose.

Having a mockup picture of your arrangements helps us understand what we will pick up.


How do you choose where the centerpieces go?

Unless the couple requests where they would like the centerpieces to go, our volunteers can drop them off at a location of their choice. We have a map on our home page of some of the places we have delivered to. Organizations that would like to receive centerpieces are encouraged to contact us so we can figure out a way to spread the joy.

Are my centerpieces a tax-deductible donation?

No, your centerpieces are not a tax-deductible donation. You can inquire about an invoice after your flowers have been delivered if you would like information about the organization that received your centerpieces.

Can my guests take arrangements if I am also donating them?

Any use after the event is a good use! Please be mindful that SWL will likely have already coordinated a drop off for the centerpieces so if a majority of your arrangements are taken by guests, SWL will not have as many to distribute.


I will have large centerpieces at my reception. Will they really be suitable for repurposing?

Absolutely! We may not be able to take many of them, but we appreciate what we can get. Some organizations will use the arrangements to make smaller arrangements or give them as bouquets.


I'm gonna have A TON of arrangements. Will Scent with Love take all of them?

Scent with Love will take as many centerpieces as the volunteer can fit in their car, so this likely will not be ALL of the centerpieces you have at your reception.

I'm renting my vases. Will Scent with Love take the vases back to the florist?

No, Scent with Love will not take rented vases. If you are renting vases,  Scent with Love may be able to provide vases, but this is not a guarantee. Scent with Love will take arrangements in plastic dishes or donated vases.


I want to volunteer! What should I do?

Email us! We’ll send you a form to collect some info and get you in the loop.

I represent an organization that would love to receive centerpieces. What should I do?

Email us! We’ll get some more info from you and see how we can work together.

Anything else I should know?

Scent with Love takes lots of centerpieces to nursing homes, hospitals, food pantries, charitable organizations, and other service providers. We always seek to brighten someone’s day… for an individual seeking emergency shelter or emergency services, the providing organization is focused on providing the essentials. Scent with Love is here to add that extra care to the meeting our basic needs and show people that they are seen, they are valid, they are loved, and someone took the time to think about them.

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